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Site development of the new housing estate “Hinter dem Burghof” in Großen-Buseck near Gießen

Construction period: 09/2007 – 12/2008
Client: Hessische Landgesellschaft mbH
Planning: Zick-Hessler engineering office , Wettenberg
Construction executed by: HTR- Bau GmbH

Short description:
At the start of site development, several buildings belonging to a former market garden and garden plots needed to be torn down in the project area (approx. 2.3 ha) and extensive vegetation needed to be removed as well.

As the waste water lines of the new housing estate were designed as a separating system, a new waste water duct DN 300-400 needed to be laid out along approx. 200 m within the site already covered with buildings. The former combined sewage duct DN 400-500 was renovated using inliners and repurposed as a rain water duct. Beside the replacement of the potable water line, this section also saw the renovation of all ducts and house service water lines, as well as of the bituminous superstructure.

In order to control the rain water drainage from the construction site, a rain water overflow duct from reinforced concrete DN 1400, 195 m long, was laid; the corresponding throttle shaft with vortex throttle and vanes was designed as a prefabricated part (approx. 35 t).

Total services:

  • 670 m stoneware duct DN 200-300
  • 615 m reinforced concrete duct DN 300-500
  • 195 m reinforced concrete duct DN 1400
  • 35 pcs. of prefabricated reinforced concrete shaft parts DN 1000
  • 860 m potable water line DN 100-150 DGCI
  • 700 gas supply line da 90-180 PE-HD
  • 900 running meters of pit constructed, electricity and telecommunication cables laid
  • 5,300 m² asphalt paving
  • 2,800 m² concrete stone paving