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Renovation of roof surfaces

Renovation of the roof surfaces of House 12 – outpatient clinic – in St. Georg Hospital in Leipzig


Construction period: 10/2009 – 04/2010
Client: Gesellschaft der Stadt Leipzig zur Erschließung und Sanierung von Baugebieten mbH (LESG)

Services of HTR-Bau GmbH:
Renovation of the roof surfaces, partly without pausing normal service of the clinic, remediation of the roof waterproofing and heat insulation of the prefabricated reinforced concrete shed roofs. Execution of carpentry and roof plumbing works

House 12 consists of 4 buildings, each measuring 46.00*12.00 m. The main buildings are connected to each other by 3 connecting buildings. Roof area overall: 2,600 m²

Renovation of the roof surface on wing 1 completed, preparing the truss assembly

Dachsanierung georg-krankenhaus

dachsanierung fertiggestellt