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Construction of a new hall for Q-Cells

Construction of a new hall for Q-Cells in Thalheim


Construction period: 11/2007 – 07/2008

Client: Q-Cells AG Thalheim
Planning: Mögel architectural office, Stuttgart

Construction executed by: HTR-Bau GmbH

Services of HTR-Bau GmbH:
Civil engineering, structural and finishing works, outdoor facilities

The storage building in column-block design is partly two-storied and consists of prefabricated reinforced concrete parts. The external walls, including the roof supporting shell, were manufactured from prefabricated cellular concrete parts.
Under the floor slab made of reinforced concrete there is a sealing consisting of a 3 mm HDPE film laid out and tested according to the requirements of the German Federal Water Act WHG.

halle sektionaltore

The access ways to the storage area are closed with fire-resistant doors and gates, sectional doors and roller grille doors, in accordance with the technical requirements.

The roof of the storage building was equipped with a large number of light-band elements with heat and smoke vent flaps. The roof was waterproofed with a roof film. The waste storage was erected as a storage hall without columns, with a span of 24 m.


The façade is an air-permeable aluminium slat façade, which in combination with the segmental arch roof reflects sophisticated industrial architectural design.

The construction services were rounded off by the development in terms of civil engineering, with supply and sewage lines, an extensive filter-drain system and roadworks with the bituminous superstructure.

hallendach aluminium

Overall surface of the halls:
2,200 m² / cubic contents: 18,700 m³ / outdoor facilities: 1,200 m²