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Civil engineering

Notsicherung KanalEmergency stabilisation of a storm drain Richard-Lehmann-Straße / Wundtstraße, solution for a damage by lining with discrete pipes, GPR circular profile DN 1600 SN 5000, pipe lengths up to 3.00 m
Construction period: 04/2015 - 07/2015
am-zwenkauer-seeConstruction of a lift line for the connection of the water bodies Zwenkau lake and Cospuden lake and installation of a DN 900 pipeline as lifter
Construction period: 02/2015 - 05/2015

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sanierung-mw-sammlerAlte Straße and Zöbigker Straße in Markkleeberg: Renovation of a combined sewage drain and construction of a new rain water overflow,
Construction period: 06/2013 – 11/2013
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Berstlining Taucha StadtbadLeipzig - Taucha, Stadtbad, extension of the mixed water network,
Laying TWL DN 150 PE 300m,
Berstlining DA 450 HDPE 539m in DN 300 stoneware
Construction period: 2012
Berstlining Taucha, Erzberger Str.Leipzig - Taucha, Matthias-Erzberger-Straße,
Renewal MW duct DN 450/500, Berstlining DA 710, 295m
Construction period: 2012
flughafen-bbi-schoenefeldAirport BBI – Schönefeld
Civil engineering works, laying of a pressure sewer line for rain water, 2xda 500 PE HD,
500 m route from pumping station PW 51207 to expansion chamber
Construction period: 10/2010 – 03/2011
hauptsammler-trinkwasserLeipzig, Emil-Fuchs-Straße
Renovation for 1st Northern main collector and replacement of the potable water line
Construction period: 06/2010 – 28/02/2011
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prager-strasse-leipzig-trinkwasserLeipzig, Prager Straße;
Laying and renovation of potable water and combined sewage lines
Construction period: 03/2011 – 11/2011
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Pressure sewer line from the pumping station in Obiselder Straße to Stahlberg waste water treatment plant
Construction period: 06/2010 – 09/2010
medienkanaeleUni Leipzig, Media duct M3, freeing up the working field and new construction
Construction period: 07/2009 – 09/2010
tw-leitungskreuzRenovation of the junction at Prager Straße/Straße am Wasserwerk in Leipzig
Construction period: 06/2009 – 08/2009
unterirdische-kanalsanierungUnderground duct renovation in Wuppertal
Construction period: 01/2009 - 04/2009
grossen-buseck-giessenSite development of the new housing estate “Hinter dem Burghof” in Großen-Buseck near Gießen
Construction period: 09/2007 – 12/2008

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industriepark-nord-leipzigIndustrial estate Nord, Leipzig-Plaußig
Construction period: 09/2008 - 04/2009
wasserbecken-smallRain water collection tank, Leipzig
Construction period: 10/2007 - 02/2008
medienkanalMedia duct, Leipzig
Construction period: 2005
mischwasserkanalRemediation of a damage event of the combined sewage duct
Graßdorfer Str. in Taucha
Construction period: 12/2004 - 02/2005
neubau-brueckeConstruction of a replacement bridge over Schadebach brook
Construction period: 07/2004 - 10/2004
hauptsammler1st Southern main collector,
duct network control 1st expansion stage, control structure 2,
Construction period: 02/01/2004 to 30/06/2004
arge-gothisches-bad-leipzigARGE Gothisches Bad, Leipzig
Start of construction works: 2003
Client: Kommunale Wasserwerke Leipzig GmbH